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[GHI REPORTS] How to proper intel

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[GHI REPORTS] How to proper intel

Post by Anna on Mon May 18, 2015 12:01 am

So, lately is appears there's been a lot of confusion on how exactly to get intel for a GHI report.


  • Walking up to a member of X Guild IC'ly, and asking.
  • Overhearing things while you ARE In Character.
  • Reading things off a wall the X Guild Member/Leader told you to
  • Reading things off a guilds AA page, if they told you to (Example, a Guild Leader telling you to read their wall, then they OOC'ly tell you to read their AA page)
  • Reading information off some paper you were IC'ly given.

NOT Allowed:

  • Reading stuff up on AA on your own.
  • OOC'ly /w'ing guild members
  • Checking them up on any website what so ever.
  • Overhearing things while you ARE NOT In Character
  • Logging unto an alt in X Guild, and reading from there.

If you have -any- questions to this, do NOT hesitate to reply and ask ^^
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